Super Secure Group


Navigating the complexities of solar panel logistics demands a partner versed in the unique challenges and regulations of the solar energy sector.

Efficient Solar Energy Supply Chain Management

At Super Secure Group, we understand that shipping solar panels extends beyond mere transport; it involves a strategic orchestration of heavy haul, warehousing, inventory management and an overall meticulous approach towards supply chain logistics.


Our facilities have a standardized a storage solution protocol specifically tailored for oversized and fragile items, ensuring your solar products are handled with the utmost care. In addition to storage and inventory management, we can help you get your panels into and out of the warehouse and on the move to their final destinations. With distribution centers in both California and New Jersey, we have access to extensive warehousing options near critical infrastructure on both coasts and an expert team dedicated to seamless supply chain execution.


Super Secure Group stands ready to optimize your solar logistics operations, delivering efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness at every step of the way.